Me, myself, I .....

... was born in Lusaka, Zambia in 1951 and came to Britain in 1975.   Although I originally trained as an accountant I did not pursue a career in this field after starting a family in 1978. I live on the South East coast of Britain at Hastings in East Sussex.
I have no formal art training but have been fortunate to learn from numerous teachers and facilitators in the quilting world.   I started making patchwork quilts in the traditional way in December 1991.   My first quilt was finished in January 1992. Since then I have exhibited widely, mainly in Britain, but also in Europe and the USA. 

I do believe that we need to work to please ourselves, to be happy and not make pleasing others or winning awards our priority.   Personal statement.

Awards since 1993 include -

Best Theme - Fans at Quilts UK 1993 with Fans for Africa
Best Sampler Quilt at Quilts UK 1996 with Tie Fliers
Best Machine Applique at Quilts UK 1996 with Cloudcuckooland
Overall winner and Best of category [Worldly Warriors] - Blazing Banners exhibition, Leeds Royal Armoury 1996 with The Wind of Change
Best Machine Applique at the Great British Quilt Festival 1996 with The Wind of Change
Best Quilt Art at the Great British Quilt Festival 1996 with Liberation
Best Machine Quilting at Quilts UK-1997 with The Crude Sea
Best Machine Applique at The Great British Quilt Festival 1997 with A Cacophony of Cockatoos
Best Small wall hanging at the Great British Quilt Festival 1997 with Hanga - Guinea Fowl
Best Workmanship at The Scottish Championships 1997 with The Crude Sea
Best Piecing at Quilts UK 1998 with S.A.Q. (Seasonally Adjusted Quilt).
Best in Show and Best Wall Hanging at the Great British Quilt Festival 1998 with Solar Complex
National Champion/Best of Show at the National Patchwork Championships 1999 with Golden Wonder
Trophy for Design at European Championships 2002 with Verdigris
First prize - Innovative Quilts - Small, at The Festival of Quilts 2003 - Birmingham with Hanging on the Wall 2
2nd Place - Innovative Quilts - Small, at Festival of Quilts 2008 - Birmingham with Rules Boundaries and Limitations 1.
2nd Place - Innovative Quilts - Large, at Festival of Quilts 2008 - Birmingham with Rules Boundaries and Limitations 2.
1st Place - Contemporary Quilts at Festival of Quilts 2010 - Birmingham with Squaring Up

Quilts in juried exhibitions -

The Crude Sea, 1996 Quilters Guild exhibition, Layers of Inspiration 1996,
The Wind of Change 1996 for AQS 1997 at Paducah.
If it's Not Baroque - Don't Fix it!
1997 Quilt Art: From Baroque to Avant Garde
Quilt Expo VI Innsbruck May 1998
1998 International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas Oct/Nov. 1998.
1999 World Quilt Competition - Carolina USA
Ching Bats 1999 The Quilters' Guild exhibition, Under the Covers
Solar Complex AQS 1999 at Paducah - awarded an Honourable Mention
Baroquen Dreams
1999 First Horizons - The Patchwork Association Spring Fairs
1999 International Quilt Festival - Houston, Texas Oct/Nov. 1999 awarded 2nd place for Merit Quilting
Golden Wonder 1999 International Quilt Festival Houston, Texas Oct/Nov. 1999
Tangoed! 2000 Contemporary Art Quilt Exhibition - Cutting Edge, Uffington, Oxon. 
Count the Black Dots 2001 EQA Competition - "The Light" Magic, Illusion, Trompe L'Oeil, Belgium.
Making an Impression 2001 5th Horizons - Quilt Festivals.
Medieval Strippy 2 2002 Transforming Traditions - Quilters' Guild exhibition Halifax
Baroquen Spell International Quilt Festival - Houston, Texas Oct/Nov 2002 - achieved third in the Innovative Applique category
Hanging on the Wall Quilt 2002 - Knitting and Stitches Show, London, Dublin and Harrogate - October/November 2002 - awarded a "Commendation"
Hanging on the Wall 4 International Quilt Festival - Houston, Texas Oct/Nov 2003 - received an Honourable Mention
Fire in my Soul Quilt 2004 at the Festival of Quilts - Highly Commended
Raining in my Heart Quilt 2005 for the Festival of Quilts - Highly Commended

Special Exhibits and Exhibitions

17 quilts travelled with the Patchwork Association's Spring Quilt Fairs which were held at venues in England, Scotland and Belgium between February and May 1998.
Shipley Art Gallery's 1998 exhibition, Stitches in Time. Solar Complex.
1998 commissioned by Region 2 of the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles to make a piece for the 90's collection Face of Africa
1998 playing card, the Queen of Spades, selected as part of the touring display - The Grand Slam - staged by the Patchwork Association.
1999 "Paned Expressions" Quilt 99 at the Knitting and Stitches show.
2000 January - 4 pieces as a member of Hanging Together's second Exhibition January 2000. 11 quilt makers participated in the exhibition at the Chequer Mead Centre, East Grinstead called "Hanging by a Thread".
7th European Patchwork Meeting - 13th - 16th Sept. 2001. 12 pieces of work - a mixture of old and new.
2002 - February Hanging Together's third exhibition at the Chequer Mead Art Centre, East Grinstead. "Stretching a Point by Hanging Together" 5 Pieces exhibited.
Baroquen Dreams exhibited in Wickrath Castle, Monchengladbach, Germany - Aug. 17th - Sept. 8th 2002
Class Act - 2 pieces at Chequer Mead Art Centre and Gallery, East Grinstead October 2002. - work by students attending classes run by June and Leslie Morgan in 2001/2002
Layers 2003 exhibition at Worthing Museum - 9th AUG TO 5th OCT 2 pieces
Committed to Cloth 2003 at Chequer Mead Art Centre and Gallery, East Grinstead in October 2003.
February 2004 the fourth exhibition by Hanging Together at Chequer Mead Art Centre and Gallery, East Grinstead.
2004 Stitched Textiles, The Stables Theatre Art Gallery, Hastings 26 exhibits
2004 Solo Exhibition Lift Off at The Festival of Quilts in August
2004 December Spread Your Wings at Japanese Imagery in Contemporary Quilts by Kokusai Art and Nihon Vogue of Tokyo - an invitational exhibition that included one quilt by each of 75 Japanese and 25 western quilt artists.
July/August 2005 - Class Act - an exhibition of work by June and participants in her courses in 2004-2005 at Chequer Mead Community and Art Centre, East Grinstead
2005 - Nov 12th - December 24th - "Bedazzled" exhibition at the Grace Barrend Design Centre, Nutfield, Surrey.
In February 2006 Hanging Together - 5th exhibition at Chequer Mead Community Art Centre in East Grinstead
2006 - 28th July - 2nd August - Class Act 2006 - an exhibition of work by June and participants in her courses in 2005-2006 at Chequer Mead Community and Art Centre, East Grinstead and Little Common, near Bexhill, East Sussex
2007 - 9th March to 12th April - Sew What at the Stables Theatre and Art Centre, Hastings
2008 - 1st to 13th February - Hanging Together 6th exhibition at Chequer Mead Community Art Centre in East Grinstead
2008 May 23rd for 1 week - Textile Adventures - an exhibition at the Arts Forum, St. Leonard's on Sea with Tricia Neve and Pamela Sharpe.
2009 February 2nd - 27th - Quiltfest VIII at Llangollen, North Wales.
2009 August 1st - 29th Hanging Together at The Bramble Patch Summer Exhibition 
Web Page -
2009 August 20th - 23rd Hanging Together at The Festival of Quilts FoQ Gallery
2009 October 15th - 28th "Quadripple" at the Hastings Arts Forum with Tricia Neve, Ingrid Press and Julie Senington
2010 Jan 29th - Feb 10th Hanging Together 7th Exhibition at Chequer Mead, East Grinstead.


Articles and photographs of work published in -
Patchwork and Quilting Magazine
Popular Patchwork
The Independent Patchworker
The Quilting Times (The Patchwork Association's publications) and
The Quilters' Guild of Great Britain's periodical - The Quilter
Quiltmania (a French publication) and the Austrian Guild Publication.
"Meet the Quilter" series of Popular Patchwork - Feb 1999.
2001/2002 article on Machine Quilting
co-written with Leslie Morgan on Stitching to Dye in the Embroidery magazine of the Embroiderers' Guild

Quilts, some with working instructions, featured in
Annette Claxton-  "Quick Quilts"
Janet B Elwin - "Ties, Ties, Ties"
Jenni Dobson - "The Reader's Digest Patchwork, Quilting and Applique".
Gul Laporte -  "Quilts from Europe"
Maggi McCormick Gordon - "The Quilter's Guide to Pictorial Quilts"
Anne Hulbert - "The Complete CRAZY PATCHWORK"
Sandra Meech - "Contemporary Quilts, Design, Surface and Stitch"
Dorothy Osler - "North Country Quilts: Legend and Living Tradition"
Celia Eddy - "The Quilted Planet "

Self Published

March 1998 - Machine Quilting - Notes and answers to frequently asked questions - a 16-page booklet.
1999 a series of Tip cards and
another 16 page booklet - Hidden Depths - the low down on Battings performances with specialist consultant Sandie Lush.

Batsford Publication 2008
Stitching to Dye in Quilt Art:Texture, Dimension and Distortion

Charity Ties and Community work

For about 5 years from 1992 to 1997 I made quilts using men’s shirts and ties.   I started selling them for various charities, but soon realised that to make real money they needed to be raffled.   This was very time consuming thing to do, and so having run a few raffles I then started donating the pieces to the charities to run the raffles themselves.   All in all this was worth the effort as I raised over £10 000 for various charities.

The whole project got a little out of hand in the end as I accumulated so many ties that I was never going to use them all.    They were stored up in the loft until it was obvious that my enthusiasm had waned, and so many ended up on the dump or as recycling.

I have also been involved in working on pieces with 1066 Quilters which have been  hung in the local hospitals or been donated to the Linus project.

C June Barnes - Living Textiles